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3 Keys to a Happy Divorce

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Everyone preparing for a divorce has the same dream in mind: a quick, easy, happy end to a bad marriage so they can get their life back in order as soon as possible.

Although everyone wants that, its often the case that divorces turn the opposite direction. They become nasty, expensive, complex, and worst of all, long-lasting. How do you steer clear of a nasty divorce and get out fast and happy? Follow these three keys, and youll soon be on your own and much better off for it.

1. Get a lawyer

A divorce is never the time to be cheap. While some lucky people pull off a divorce without a lawyer, if youve been married for a while and your finances, property (more on this below), and children are mixed up in it, going lawyer free is probably a bad idea.

While its a big expense up front, youll end up saving time, energy, and money in the long run if you get a good lawyer to help you get everything you want out of a divorce and get it done quickly.

Dont just go for any lawyer either. Ask around and read reviews to find a lawyer you can afford and one that is known for doing a good job by their clients.

2. Think about property first

This is a major element of divorce that a lot of people fail to really think about until they are confronted with the messiness of it. As the Law Office of Baden V. Mansfield points out, property division is complicated.

Unless this is a very recent marriage, your finances and your property are probably more entangled with your spouse than you think.

So, before you even get started on a divorce, try to work out what is going where, including debts, vehicles, furniture, and actual property, among other things. If you are on amicable enough terms (see Key 3 for more on that), work this out with your spouse now. If not, get a lawyer who specializes in this area and work it out as well as possible with them before really getting into the divorce fully.

3. Make every effort to smooth things over

Lets start by saying that sometimes this is just impossible. There may be extreme circumstances that prevent it, or there may be one spouse or the other that just wont even consider it, but if you can, smooth things over with your soon-to-be-former spouse.

If you can make them see the light that youll soon enough be parted and never have to have a conversation together again, it can be a lot easier to come to compromises.

Once divorce is on the table and accepted by both parties, extend some olive branches and try to work together as much as possible before getting the lawyers involved. This will speed up the whole process and reduce the stress and expenses for everyone involved.